Extremely Aggressive Uneducated & Rough


Extremely Aggressive Uneducated & Rough


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Extremely Aggressive Uneducated & Rough

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Extremely Aggressive Uneducated & Rough. An accident who was born in January 1987, growing up in a single parent family with no money, being bullied in school, Hannah was a troubled teenager who dropped out of school at 13. Groomed online and sexually abused for 3 years, a child who became an adult too soon, looking for emotional security in the wrong places, what was to follow was a life of pain and suffering.

Becoming a mum at 27, living in a domestic violent relationship, isolated mentally and physically before finding the courage to leave, 5 years ago, Hannah was a homeless single mum, with an 11-month-old baby. Hannah thought life was over, battling dual substance addiction, living in disgusting temporary accommodation, there was no hope left for future. A chance encounter in January 2020, Hannah had a life changing experience, what followed next was a miracle, the first poem in the book was written on June 6th, 2020.

Hannah was elected in 2021, a local Councillor in the same Borough they were homeless in, helping families who were in similar circumstances to Hannah, being able to reach a hand down to lift others up. After 5 months though it was enough, Hannah walked away after learning the truth about politics, the people that helped them up wanted them to go back down into hell, this was one of the biggest decisions in their whole life.

December 2021 and with nothing to lose, Hannah went to an open mic night, followed by a poetry slam, where they got to the final, the rest is history.




Talking about my ghost
That person died – 2 years ago
Buried, cremated, they’ll never know.

Once upon a time, indeed I was all three
Kicked out of school at Thirteen
Angry at the world, angry at everybody
Rough as sandpaper, that was me.

Today, I am the complete opposite
Smooth, educated and I can keep my cool
I had the last laugh – Now who’s the fool ?

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Product Details

ISBN 978-1- 191123- 37-7
Hannah Stanislaus (Standard Copyright Licence)
Edition First Edition
Publisher William Cornelius Harris Publishing
Published 2022
Language English
Pages 44
Binding Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior Ink Black & white
Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions (centimetres) 148 wide x 210 mm tall

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