Pocket full of Whispers poetry book

Pocket Full of Whispers

Pocket Full Of Whispers Close Friends Pocket Full of Whispers this little book of poetry is dedicated to all my close friends and family. And to all the extraordinary people who have influenced and enhanced my life in ways I never could have imagined possible. With more than just thanks to Peter Beverley, Bob Frith, …

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Sky High Down to Ground By Keith Robert Bray poetry book

Keith Bray

Keith Bray  SKY DOWN TO GROUND Keith Bray SKY DOWN TO GROUND my fourth book of poems ‘Skyhigh down to ground’ begins and engages with the political much more directly than my previous poetry collections. Intuitive responses more questioning than providing any actual solutions or answers. The content slowly moves towards the domestic, the social …

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Twisted and Chewed book of poetry

Shaun Rivers

Twisted and Chewed Shaun Rivers first collection.  Performance poet, actor and visual artist from Stockport, now based in London. His debut poetry book  is about naïve decadence, dreadful despair, love, way too many drugs, believing in your favourite band, wasting time in Hornsey, tripping in America, forgetting what your name is and wondering who an …

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Rhymes For The Times poetry book

Habiba Hrida

Rhymes for the Times I have been writing and performing my mix of poetry for people with a social conscience.Those of you who are still loving and caring and think the world has needed a complete overhaul for a very long time now should give my book a go as I’m only saying what many …

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SmackDown Shakespeare & Super Sunday Poetry Book

Micky Bee

SmackDown Shakespeare & Super Sunday SmackDown Shakespeare & Super Sunday M.J. O’ Doul first collection. We are very proud to announce M.J. O’ Doul aka Micky Bee The story just beginning Micky Bee is a well respected London basic, performance poet, has sign his contract and completed the proofing stage. ‘This powerhouse poetry collection deftly …

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Dreams, Screams And Washing Machines POETRY BOOK

Pauline Deakin

Dreams, Screams and Washing Machines Pauline Deakin first collection with London Poetry Books. “Dreams, Screams and Washing Machines is a delight. has a particular gift for unraveling the poetic from the prosaic; dusting off the treasures and insights which hide in plain sight of the domestic and the commonplace.” Mark ColemanDreams, Screams and Washing Machines …

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SIBLING RIBALDRIES ! Rather Rude Rhymes poetry book

Nicky & Heather Sullivan

SIBLING RIBALDRIES ! Rather Rude Rhymes  SIBLING RIBALDRIES ! Rather Rude Rhymes  South East London sisters Nicky & Heather Sullivan have been performing as ‘Office Girls Go Crazy’ for many years, amusing the clientele of SE London pubs and clubs with their odd poems, (composed during their lunch hour) terrible singing and smutty jokes. Performances …

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Life and Hope Poetry book

Life and Hope

Life and Hope The war over a return to to full health. No more thought of death, or Suicide the battle waged it close but Hope winning, pushing despair out. Only joy and fulfilment fill the void. Happy thought the flags fly high all people celebrate the end of despair punched out by joy This …

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POETRY BOOK Outside In Musin as an autistic Poet

alain English

Outside In Alain English, autistic Scottish man, lays down in these poignant pieces taken from Outside In his first poetry collection  life about living with Asperger’s, along with absurd and funny snapshots of London life. You will never look at Asperger’s Syndrome or London in the same way again.             …

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Poetry book I’m Not Here For Your Entertainment

Tara Fleur

I’m Not Here For Your Entertainment Tara Fleur ‘Woman Of Bones’ first collection of poetry Title I’m Not Here For Your EntertainmentShe is a Performance Poet, Fine Artist MA, Psychiatric Nurse, and Survivor of Trauma.She has a battled with Mental Illness alongside a varied involvement in Acute Psychiatry and the Arts.She has exhibited her installation art …

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